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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Why Natural Skin Care Is The Best

The trouble most people have with mainstream skin care products are too numerous to name. But, I believe I can sum it up with one general word- CHEMICALS. To start off with the chemicals in most commercial products strip the oil from our skin, which our skin frantically tries to replace by producing and over abundance of oil, leaving us with oil/dry/acne prone skin. Add in the synthetic fragrances and voila- you have irritated skin. Chemistry- "Like dissolves like" a statement that indicates, in this case oil (sebum) will dissolve best in a solvent (oil) that has a chemical structure to itself. Simplistic- but true.
After researching, formulating and testing (thanks to all my guinea pig friends) I have come up with 3 oil blends, one for each major skin type. Oily/Acne Prone Skin Normal/Combination Skin Dry/Mature Skin Along with my base carrier oils I have incorporated essential oils, blended specifically for each skin type. The complete system follows up with an exfoliating scrub, blended with specific herbal and fruit extracts to polish the skin, not cause micro tears and more damage. Followed by a toner based on the same herbal and fruit extracts as the exfoliating scrub.
In later post I will talk about each formulation, just to explain the ingredients and why they are beneficial. I also will give a walk-through of the Oil Cleansing Method with some informational links. Have a great day! xoxoxo Jody

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